Vice President of India


After the President, the Vice President is the second-highest constitutional post in India. The Rajya Sabha is the top house of the Indian Parliament. The Vice President is automatically the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. Here are some of the most important things that the Vice President of India has to do.:

1.The Vice President of the Rajya Sabha: He or she is called the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. In this job, they lead the meetings of the Rajya Sabha, keep things in order, and make sure that the rules of parliament are followed.

2.Casting Vote: If there is a tie in a vote in the Rajya Sabha, the Vice President has the casting vote, which means they can use their vote to break the tie and make a decision.

3.Legislative Functions: The Vice President plays a big part in making laws. They help make laws and get them passed by taking part in talks, giving advice, and making decisions about how parliament works.

4.Representing India: The Vice President speaks for India on a number of events, both at home and abroad. In the President’s absence, they may act as the country’s symbolic leader.

5.Diplomatic Activities: The Vice President may also take part in diplomatic activities and make official visits to other countries on behalf of the Indian government. This helps to promote and improve bilateral relations.

6.Duties under the Indian Constitution: The Vice President is bound by the Indian Constitution and has a duty to support its rules. They have to make sure the law is followed and protect the rights and interests of the people.

7.Constitutional Succession: If the President dies, quits, or is taken out of office, the Vice President takes over until a new President is chosen.

It is important to remember that, unlike the President or the Prime Minister, the Vice President does not run the government. As Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, the Vice President’s main job is to make sure that the country’s government works well.



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