Indian Penal Code 222


Indian Penal Code Section 222:

Intentional failure to apprehend on the part of a public servant obligated to apprehend a sentenced or lawfully committed individual. Whoever, as a public servant legally obligated to apprehend or confine a person sentenced by a court for an offense or lawfully committed to custody, intentionally fails to apprehend such a person, intentionally allows such a person to escape, or intentionally aids such a person in escaping or attempting to escape such confinement, shall be punished as follows, that is, with 1[life imprisonment] or 2[life imprisonment] with or without a fine. 3[] 4[] 5[] 6[] or imprisonment for a term of ten years or more; or with imprisonment of either description for a term that may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both, if the person in confinement or who ought to have been apprehended is subject, by a Court of Justice sentence, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years. 7[or if the individual was lawfully taken into detention].


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