Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha


Article 89 of the Constitution creates the position of Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and directs the Rajya Sabha to choose one of its MPs to fill the position whenever it becomes vacant. The Deputy Chairman is chosen by the Rajya Sabha from among its members. The Rajya Sabha elects a new member to replace the vacant office of Deputy Chairman.

Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

  • According to Article 89 of the Constitution, Rajya Sabha must choose one of its MPs to serve as the Deputy Chairman whenever the position becomes open. This created the position of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
  • The Chairman’s office’s responsibilities are carried out by the Deputy Chairman:
    • whenever the Chairman is not present.
    • when the vice president serves in the role of the president or carries out the president’s duties.
    • when a House meeting is held without the vice president.
  • He possesses all of the chairman’s powers while doing his duties.
  • Please take note that the Deputy Chairman is not the Chairman’s inferior. The Rajya Sabha is his sole source of accountability.
  • The Deputy Chairman, like the Chairman, cannot use a first-round vote; instead, he can only utilize a casting vote in the event of a tie.
  • The Rajya Sabha chooses its own members to serve as the Deputy Chairman.
  • The Rajya Sabha chooses a new member to replace the vacant position of Deputy Chairman.
  • Any one of the following three scenarios results in the Deputy Chairman leaving his position:
    • If he stops being a Rajya Sabha member;
    • If he submits a written resignation to the Chairman;
    • Or if a resolution is passed to have him removed.
  • The Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman position has been re-elected to Harivansh Narayan Singh.

Election of the Deputy Chairman process

  • Any member may submit a motion to elect another member as the Deputy Chairman of the Council in writing to the Secretary-General on the date designated by the chairman. The motion must be seconded by a third member and include a statement from the member whose name is being proposed that he is willing to serve as Deputy Chairman if elected.
  • When called upon, a member whose name is on the order of business may move or not move a motion. Motions that have been made and properly seconded should be brought up one at a time in the order they were made, and if necessary, divided.
  • If any motion is adopted, the person presiding shall, without making any further recommendations, declare that the member named in the adopted motion has been selected as the Deputy Chairman of the Council.

Chairman’s Authority and Responsibilities

The Constitution additionally specifies the Chairman’s responsibilities and powers, including:

  • In the case that a quorum is not present, he has the authority to adjourn the House or suspend its proceedings.
  • When a member of the House resigns, the Chairman is required to refuse the resignation if, based on information received or other evidence, and after conducting whatever inquiry he deems necessary, he is satisfied that the resignation is not voluntary or genuine;
  • The Chairman is empowered to direct that any willful violation of the said rules be treated in the same manner as a breach of the House’s privilege; Under the Tenth Schedule to the Constitution, the Chairman decides whether to disqualify a member of the Rajya Sabha on the basis of defection;
  • He also makes rules for giving effect to that Schedule; The Chairman may permit a member who is unable to express himself in Hindi or in English

Compensation and Benefits of the Deputy Chairman

  • Like the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman is entitled to a regular salary and stipend.
  • The amount taken from the Consolidated Fund of India is determined by Parliament.
    procedure for removing

Removal procedure for the deputy chairman

  • A measure approved by the house’s whole membership
  • This kind of resolution can only be changed with 14 days’ notice.
  • In addition, even if he is present, the Deputy Chairman is not allowed to preside over a House meeting while the House is debating a resolution to remove him from office.


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